Oktoberfest 2022:The best tipps for getting a table in the beer tents

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Oktoberfest 2022: It is difficult to get a table at the Oktoberfest - but not impossible.

It is difficult to get a table at the Oktoberfest - but not impossible.

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When is the best time to reserve a table - and how do I get one? Can I make it into a tent without a reservation? Here's all you need to know.

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Do I need a reservation to get into a tent?

No, there's no need or requirement for a reservation in the tents. The hosts are required by the city of Munich to keep a certain percentage of tables open for people who pass by. There is no entrance fee to any of the tents.

However, if you plan to visit a tent at night or on the weekends, you're on the safe side having reserved a table. But be aware, there's no such thing as a "table for two" in any of the tents. You can only make reservations for an entire table which usually seats eight to ten people. If you go by yourself or with just a couple of friends, there's always a chance for seating in a tent - unless they have been closed because they've reached capacity.

The good news is: The earlier you come, the better the chances are for open seats - and nobody will request that you leave after a certain amount of time that you've spent in a tent (unless it's at a reserved table). Additionally, there are beer gardens surrounding most of the tents that do not take reservations at all. If you see a free seat there, it's yours for taking.

How do I make reservations for a table?

There is no central place or website that takes reservations. You have to decide in advance which tent you want to go to, find its website (see below) and make a reservation. Most of the hosts take online reservations. If you come in a group you should make your reservation as early as possible (usually the systems open in April or May) as the tents fill up quickly.

It is not possible to make reservations for just one or two seats at a table. You have to reserve an entire table that usually seats about eight to ten people on two benches. Once you're making reservations through a website, you're required to pay a certain amout ("Mindestverzehr") in advance. That's the equivalent of what each person is required to consume - something like two steins of beer and half a chicken, about 40 Euro per person on average. So be prepared to pay anything between 350 and 500 Euro while making the reservation - you will get food and drink vouchers for that exact amount.

Reserve your table in the major tents

What do I do when all the major tents are sold out?

In case the major tents are all sold out at the time of your visit, try the smaller tents (see below). But as those have fewer seats, the may also be sold out. Everyone in Munich has their favorite place to go, their favorite beer to drink or their favorite band at the Oktoberfest, and people make reservations accordingly.

Reserve your table in the smaller tents:

There's always the "Oide Wiesn"

If you like the good old days, the nostalgic "Oide Wiesn" is the perfect place for you. At the south end of the location Theresienwiese, you can find some of the historic rides and a handful of tents that hold up the traditional Bavarian customs. There is an entrance fee of 3 Euros per person for "Oide Wiesn", but every ride is just 1 Euro and the entrance to the tents is free. This is the quieter part of the Oktoberfest, but it's no less magic or fun.

These are the tents a "Oide Wiesn"

What if I can't make it to Munich?

There is a telephone number and e-mail-address for every proprietor and tent. Call or write to cancel a reservation. Reselling reservations or auctioning them off is prohibited and will result in the cancellation of the reservation for whoever holds it.

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