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Edward Snowden:"I have no regrets"

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden und SZ-Mitarbeiter John Goetz

Das Gespräch mit Edward Snowden im englischen Original.

Do you regret the revelations?

The consequence of doing the right thing is that I have no regrets.

Which disadvantages hurt you the most?

The cost of my action has been the loss of real and regular contact with my family and loved ones.

Why don't you give interviews concerning the content of the NSA documents?

Independent journalists and experts should make their own judgments about what the documents show.How do you see your merits?

I may have started this, but it is journalists, politicians, technical experts and ordinary citizens who will decide how much we benefit from this.

How do you react to the accusations that you are damaging the US administration?

What helps the US public and the public in other countries also helps the government of the United States.

Why are you nevertheless being prosecuted?

The US government wants to set an example: if you [tell the truth], we will destroy you.

Why did you not trust the internal control mechanisms of the NSA?

In light of the recent stories about NSA espionage resulting from presidential order 12333 [without being specifically briefed to all members of the intelligence committees], it is clear that the NSA is avoiding oversight. It is even more important that a congressional investigation like the Church Committee finally looks into what is being done in our name.

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