Oktoberfest It's getting in that counts

At Hofbraeuhaus beer tent: where the craziest party takes place.

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A bluffer's guide to the tents at the Oktoberfest: where to find the locals, the best atmosphere, the nicest decoration and the craziest party.

Hofbräu beer tent

The Hofbräu tent is known all around the world. The English, Australians and Americans come here to drink, sway from side to side, drink, sing, drink, dance to oompah music and drink some more. Back home they will tell the wildest stories of the Hofbräu Tent. For those of you who want to meet new friends from around the world, the Hofbräu tent is definitely for you!


Traditionally the Mayor of Munich opens the Oktoberfest at midday on the first Saturday in the Schottenhamel tent, with the ceremonial tapping of the first barrel and the words "Ozapft is". On the following days mostly local high schools students attend therefore you will find young Munich people here. The Schottenhamel with 10,000 seats is one of the biggest beer tents but is always one of the first to close its doors in the weekend due to overcrowding.

Käfer's Wies'n- Schänke

Käfer's Wies'n-Schänke is the celebrity tent par excellence, here you can rub shoulders with football stars from FC Bayern or if you are lucky you might see the legendry tennis player Boris Becker. If you feel that hobnobbing with the in-crowd is beneath you or whether the Käfer tent and beer garden with less than 3000 places is the right venue for you, we will leave you to decide.


If ox is your favourite food then you definitely have to go to the Ochsenbraterei, also known as the Spatenbräu-Zelt. Only here can you get the famous ox meat rolls, and you can watch the ox being roasted to perfection. As soon as you step into the tent your mouth will start watering because at the entrance there is a huge revolving ox on a spit. Although this one is made from plastic.

Hacker beer tent - probably the nicest decoration.

(Foto: szgrafik)


Do you like the atmosphere of a beer tent but find it all a bit too hectic and stressful? Then you will feel like you are in seventh heaven in the Hacker-Festhalle called "the Bavarian heaven". The light blue ceiling is decorated with white clouds. This Bavarian heaven will make you feel relaxed and comfortable but nevertheless still offers a good party atmosphere. The Hacker-Festhalle is surely the most beautiful of the beer tents.