Oktoberfest 2009: Guide to Munich Königsplatz

Königsplatz is near the central railway station. There are three classical buildings on the spacious square: the Propyläen, the Antikensammlung [classical works of art collection] and the Glyptothek [sculpture gallery]. The famous builder Leo von Klenze had a major influence on the architecture of the square.

At the time of the Third Reich the Nazis used the square and adjoining buildings as an administrative centre. What was called the "Führerbau" [the Leader's Building], was erected at the east end in Arcisstraße. The building now houses the Hochschule für Musik und Theater [College of Music and Theatre]. Tip: in the Glyptothek you can view a collection of classical Greek and Roman sculptures. Or you just do as the locals do and sit on the steps outside the building and enjoy the sun.

Allianz Arena

(Foto: Foto: ddp)