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Oktoberfest 2009: Guide to Munich:The best places in Munich

So you're a tourist in Munich and want to see its most important sights in a short time? That's something you shouldn't miss out on.

This year the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev came to visit Munich. German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel came over to Munich especially from Berlin, the capital, to receive her fellow head of state. She said to him: "If you don't like Munich, I don't know where in Germany you'll like."



(Foto: Foto: dpa)

And that's exactly how we see it! No other German city combines so many contrasting elements: a population of over a million, an oasis of green, the traditional and the modern, attachment to the home country and cosmopolitanism.

Munich is of course famous the world over for the Oktoberfest. But it has a great deal more to offer. When you pay our fair city a visit for the first time, having a look around is an absolute must. We have compiled the best hotspots for you. Have fun in Munich!